You're In A Good Hands
Address:P.O Box 13304-Burri, Khartoum, Sudan

The Department of Radiology is an integrated department. It is one of the largest radiology departments in Sudan. It provides routine and special examinations for various specialties, where there are some rare tests. The department includes medical and technical staff with high efficiency and experience. The department receives cases from inside and outside the hospital.

Services provided by the department:

  • Magnetic resonance
  • X-ray (x-ray)
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Ultra Sound
  • Mammography (Mammogram)
  • Dental Imaging Radiography (OPG)
  • Dexa scan for osteoporosis

What distinguishes the department from other institutions?

  • In the section there is a device (Gamma Camera) which is the only device with high specifications in Sudan, and it contains tests which are not found in other devices.
  • The unit have the only device for early detection of osteoporosis in Sudan.
  • The mammography department, one of the most modern in Sudan, is located in the section.
  • The Department also contributes to continuous training through the organization of training courses and lectures.
  • The department is designed with international standards, and the department has an electronic archiving system where patient data is saved through the Medical Image Archiving System.