You're In A Good Hands
Address:P.O Box 13304-Burri, Khartoum, Sudan

The Royal Care International Hospital is private hospital located in Sudan. It is a multi-disciplinary hospital focusing on advanced health care services, in addition to the Center for Continuing Education and Research according to the latest advanced scientific methods. The hospital was established in 2010 by Sudanese founders, in goal to present a very carefully care for patients built on the fundamentals of quality, cooperation, empathy, development and ethics.

The Royal Care International Hospital welcomes all those in need of exceptional health care. The hospital receives patients with complicated conditions and patients whose previous treatments have failed to improve their conditions are also welcomed by the hospital. The hospital also receives some healthy people who want to maintain public health standards and some who seek other solutions, and you will be - thanks to God - in good hands with the highly qualified hospital staff in all their fields.

Our mission

Providing integrated services through a homogeneous team of doctors and experienced and highly qualified staff to achieve patient recovery and satisfaction.

Our vision

To be the leading and most distinguished hospital in Africa and the Middle East, to be a forum for patients to provide quality health care in Sudan, and to be the desired health care facility in the Arab world.

Our values

Ensuring that our priorities are to meet patient needs, commitment to efficiency, honesty, transparency and trust, and to treat all patients and their families with respect and kindness.