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Address:P.O Box 13304-Burri, Khartoum, Sudan

The Intensive and Interventional Care Department is one of the vital departments in the hospital. The department provides medical care for patients with critical conditions and needs constant monitoring over the course of 24 hours.

The department has a capacity of 11 intensive care beds, 2 beds for isolation and 6 beds for intermediate care. The care is supervised by four intensive care specialists, eight specialists and eight resident doctors, specialized in internal medicine, anesthesia and intensive care. In the field of intensive care.

What distinguishes the department from others in other institutions?

  • It is one of the largest intensive care units in Sudan in terms of clinical area and capacity.
  • The existence of rooms dedicated to positive insulation, passive insulation, and a room for the soft or delicate treatment.
  • The presence of dialysis services, regular and continuous in intensive and intermediate care.
  • The presence of most laboratory and imaging diagnostics, which helps to speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.
  • The presence of consultants in various specialties around the clock to conduct rapid interventions for patients in critical situations.

Services provided by the department

The department provides treatment and support services for patients with:

  • Patients with respiratory failure who need an artificial respirator.
  • Patients with different types of trauma.
  • Patients with chronic heart and kidney disease who need for continuous hemodialysis services.
  • Serious life-threatening patients.
  • Patients with neurosurgery, kidney transplantation and large operations.
  • Oncology patients who require telepathic therapy.
  • Transferring patients requiring a mobile ventilator.

Devices in the section

  • All equipment required for intensive and intermediate care patients.
  • Multi-purpose electric bed with air mattress to protect against clinical ulcers.
  • Ventilator, biometric control device, fluid and injection pumps, oxygen input, and suction outlet.
  • Mobile X-ray device and audio waves.
  • An electric shock device for the heart.