You're In A Good Hands
Address:P.O Box 13304-Burri, Khartoum, Sudan

The day care unit consists of 2 rooms. A women's room consists of five beds and a men's room consisting of three beds. The one-day care unit is characterized by patient care and satisfaction of all his needs from the beginning of his entry until the end of his stay in the care and exit from the hospital.

The day care unit is specialized in

  • Process patients and receive them after the operation and provide the necessary medical services for them.
  • Receive the cases and oxygen and provide them with the necessary care.
  • Giving treatments according to the patient's condition and treatment plan prescribed by the doctor, and conducting all tests and sending them to the laboratory.
  • Receiving radiation patients to receive CT scans and take care of them after taking the sample.
  • Care of children to receive full health care.

Devices available in the unit

  • Sphygmomanometer.
  • Glucometer.
  • Pulse oximetry to measure the pulse and measure oxygen in the blood.
  • Thermometer.
  • Flow meters connected to central oxygen

Intermediate care

Intermediate care is an Intensive care unit, a patient room with high-precision monitoring equipment and a qualified medical staff. The Intermediate Care Unit is equipped with accurate monitoring devices and a higher level of patient care. The Royal Care International Patient Care Unit is under the care of the intensive care and follow-up physician and is closely monitored by the nurse and is fully cared for.

Some devices that the caregiver contains

  • Vital signs monitoring device
  • Fixed oxygen device
  • ECG device
  • Blood pressure device