Mohamed Abdelrahman Zeinelabdin

Mohamed Zeinelabdin is a Consultant Clinical Pharmacist with special interest in hospital and clinical pharmacy practice, especially Sterile Compounding, Oncology Pharmacy and pharmacy informatics.

Pharmacist Zeinelabdin received his Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from Cairo University, Egypt. He joined Khartoum Teaching as staff pharmacist in 1973. He was appointed as Deputy Director, Drug Affairs Unit, Directorate of Pharmacy, MOH, from 1975-1977. From 1978 to 1980 he was Deputy Director of Pharmacy Khartoum Teaching Hospital.

He obtained his Clinical Pharmacy Master degree in 1983, from Bradford University, England. He was appointed as the Director of Pharmacy, Khartoum Teaching Hospital, from 1983 until 1988. He also participated as a part-time lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Khartoum.  

From 1988 until 2000 he worked as a Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University and Clinical Pharmacist, King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He joined King Abdulaziz Hospital and Oncology Center, MOH, Jeddah, from January 2000 until October, 2010, as Director of Pharmaceutical Care.

He participated in the design, development and implementation of clinical pharmacy services at King Abdulaziz University Hospital and King Abdulaziz Hospital and Oncology Center.

As a teacher/practitioner, he lectured, mentored and trained pharmacists, pharmacy students, in clinical and hospital pharmacy practice.

He joined Royal Care International Hospital, On December 01, 2010, as Director of Pharmacy.

Pharmacist Zeinelabdin was born in Hilat Hamad, Khartoum North, and is a father of five children. His hobbies are swimming, reading and fresh water angling.

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