You're In A Good Hands
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We, at Royal Care International Hospital, are committed to providing a unique laboratory service under the supervision of highly qualified consultants and specialists.

Clinical Chemistry Department:

This section is one of the most important and the largest sections of the lab, which allows to do most important routines tests, and also allows the testing of hormones with the latest devices.

Department of Hematology:

The department performs all tests for blood diseases. The results of the tests are confirmed by the head of the department and blood analysis is performed on the results.

Department of Microbiology:

This section comprises three sections

1- Microbiology and fungi

2 - Department of routine tests

3- Serology Department

Department of diseased tissues and cells:

This section specializes in the examination and detection of benign and malignant tumors by means of slobbering.

Department of Blood Bank

This section allows for several tests, including: Blood Grouping, in a precise manner to avoid any errors in determining the type of platoon. The department also offers Direct Coombs Test and Cross Matching for blood transfusion.

Sampling Department:

This section is considered one of the most important parts of the plant. It is considered the starting point in the work and the samples are retrieved in a safe and safe manner.

The department has a highly trained cadre, so that the sampling error is lower and the sample is less likely to be rejected by other departments.

Immunology Department

It is an integrated section of immunological diseases and sensitivity tests. This section is concerned with the diagnosis of immunological diseases and allergic diseases (such as lupus, rheumatism and food allergies).

Training and Research Department:

This section trains the cadres in the field of medical laboratories and the preparation of research to develop and improve the profession.

All results are collected in the laboratory in the form of an integrated medical report.