You're In A Good Hands
Address:P.O Box 13304-Burri, Khartoum, Sudan

The department consists of three units

  • Isolation unit: a special unit for receiving children from outside the hospital.
  • Nursery unit: a special unit to receive children from the hospital or from the operation.
  • Intensive care unit: a special unit to receive preterm infants (underweight) and children in need of a respirator device or CPAP.

What distinguishes the center

  • The reception of the nursing staff and the doctor of the child from the moment of birth, whether a caesarean section or the normal, and the work of initial tests starting from the examination of the bile, and break the blood, and the child's placenta blood, and the entry of the child custody for four hours of observation, and provide primary feeds according to the weight of the child and age, and provide guidance to the mother.
  • Assign a nurse to care for the child in critical situations.

Services provided by the Center

  • Receiving the child from the moment of birth or operation and placing it in the case of monitoring, the weight is measured and the necessary tests and the child in the respiratory system when needed, and provide doses every 3 hours and give the treatments according to instructions.
  • Carry out all the services and care needed by the child, help the mother to breastfeed the child, provide the necessary instructions, monitor vital signs, inform the parents if the child needs anything, and clarify the situation and developments.

Devices located in the center

Two ventilators, two CPAP, 5 incubators, 6 beds, 5 monitors, 7 intravenous dispensers, 6 baby warmers, 10 beds to transport children next to the mother and 7 suction devices.