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The Operations Department is one of the most important areas of the hospital. This section is very sensitive because it requires a sensitive and critical understanding with the various departments at the medical, nursing and administrative levels, and up to the levels of services and finance.

The Department of Operations is essentially different from other departments. The department includes a regular medical staff consisting of nursing staff and an anesthetist who are regularly present in operating room facilities, surgeons and auxiliary surgeons, as well as other hospital staff.

The Operations Department works closely with the Accuracy Unit next to the operating rooms, which are used as an intermediate and temporary station before transferring patients to normal sections.

What distinguishes the section?

The operations department of Royal Care Hospital consists of five surgical rooms with international specifications, high precision and quality devices, and equipment divided according to specialization for each surgery. The department has a special operations department equipped with all the requirements of the operation. The patient is monitored for the condition of the patient during the operation. In the recovery section, there are high quality and accurate devices in measuring the condition of the patients after the operation.
Services provided by the department
The operating room creates a clean environment that is suitable for surgical procedures, which prevents inflammation after surgery.
An experienced nursing staff in different specialties is employed in the department to assist surgeons during the operation and to take care of the patient after the operation.

Devices in the section

  • High quality anesthesia devices and accuracy in each practical room.
  • Endoscopy devices for general surgery, birth and bone.
  • Modern ironing facilities.
  • Microscopes of the brain, nerves, eye, nose, ear and throat.
  • Cusa device for the removal of complex brain tumors.
  • Monitoring devices in the recovery room to follow the patient during and after the operation.