In the mid 2000’s Nobles Group Company, led by Mr Mohamed El mamoun and Dr Mutaz El Berier, the RCIH's CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, decided that they wanted to create a health care environment that will give patients a sense of wellbeing the moment they stepped through the hospital doors. At the heart of this project is a unique commitment to the principles of "healing by design". The result is an environment where form and function are combined to give patients the best chance of recovery.

The 150-bed Royal Care International Hospital (RCIH) is a multi specialty hospital focusing on health care services that are of paramount importance to the country, such as diabetes treatment and management, women’s health, musculoskeletal and cardiac diseases. The concept of RCIH and its holistic approach to healing, as well as its concern for national health needs, was first supported by the Nobles Group Company, which was later joined by a team of experienced and dedicated leaders and managers sharing the same mission and vision.