For Your Safety

The Safety and Security Department advices you to do the following during your stay in the hospital to ensure your safety.

In the shower or sink, check water temperature before use.

Don’t plug more than one electrical plug into an outlet.

Don’t bring electrical outlets or extension cords from outside the hospital. Ask the nurse to provide you with hospital standard ones if you need them.

Don’t bring appliances from outside the hospital.

Never unplug appliances by pulling the cord.

Wear flat shoes with non-slippery soles.

Don’t extend phone cords across walkways.

Follow hospital rules concerning your safety.

Put the valuables that you do have with you in the room’s safe.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the patient rooms and the whole hospital.

Medicine Safety

While you’re in the hospital, it’s important for you and your doctor to talk about your medicines. Tell your doctor and nurse everything you’re taking including:

Prescription medicines.

Over the counter medicines (like Aspirin and cough medicine).


Herbal products.

Taking your Medicine

Let your doctor and nurse know if you have any allergies or if you have had previous reactions to any drugs, food, or latex.

Ask your nurse about your medicines: what they are, what they look like, what they do, when they are given, and what side effects should be expected and reported.

Make sure that the staff checks your ID bracelet before giving you any medicine.