General Instructions

Wheel Chairs

Wheel chairs are available at the entrance of the hospital. If a wheelchair is not available, inform a staff member at any information desk.

Lost and Found

The Security Department operates a lost and found service in the Security Administration Office.


The Royal Care International Hospital has several patient and visitor parking facilities, which are open seven days a week, and are conveniently located adjacent to the hospital and the Outpatient Department.

Patient Affairs Representatives

The Patient Affairs Department is here to assist you with any questions, concerns, or needs that you may have during your stay in the hospital.

Patient Affairs Representatives can:

Investigate concerns and complaints and facilitate their resolution.

Address questions and special needs.

Liaise between your family and the healthcare staff in the operating room and intensive care waiting rooms.

Preventing The Spread of Germs

To protect and ensure the safety of your health, your family and visitors, please make sure:

That no sharps are left in your room after use.

That the staff have disposed of their soiled attire prior to leaving the room.

That you use white or black plastic trash bag to dispose of personal garbage (e.g. tissues, plastic cups, or personal things).

That the healthcare worker has cleaned his/her hands before examining you.

The medical equipment used for examination and treatment purposes are clean.

That your linen is clean and surfaces are continuously cared for.

Preventing Falls

Ask for help when getting out of bed, especially at night. Because patients are usually unfamiliar with the hospital environment, most falls occur when patients try to get out of bed on their own to go to the bathroom.

Make sure the nurse call button beside your bed is working and that you know how to use it.

Let your nurse know if you will have trouble reaching the call button.

If possible, call for help before the need to get to the bathroom becomes urgent.

Make sure there is adequate light to see, and keep your eyes glasses within reach.

Wear slippers with rubber soles to prevent slipping.

Point out to staff any spills or obstructions on the floor.

Make sure the brakes are locked when you get into and out of a wheelchair.