Patient Complaints and Satisfaction

RCIH is committed to support the rights of all patients, their families, and visitors, to submit expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, written or verbal (including telephone complaints), regarding healthcare services received from RCIH. and Regardless of point of origin, these shall be recorded on a patient complaint form and forwarded to the responsible person, as stated previously in this policy to seek resolution and response to such concerns.

All compliments, or comments shall be documented, preferably by the patient (or his/her representative) on a Patient Complaint/Comment/Compliment Form.  If the patient is unwilling or unable to put his/her compliment, or comment in writing, then someone within the Hospital staff  shall assist the patient in documenting these.

Handling  Patients Complaints & Conflicts

All patient complaints, written or verbal (including telephone complaints), and regardless of point or origin, are recorded on a patient complaint form and forwarded to the Director of Patient and Public Relations located in RCIH Administration.

Complaints are addressed immediately by relevant personel.

Upon resolution, and in no case later than thirty (30) days, the individual filing the compliant shall be sent a follow-up letter from the responsible Administrator. The letter shall outline the resolution of the situation, and advise the complaining individual of their right to a hearing if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the review and the mechanism by which that hearing may be obtained.