Quality and Patient Safety Directorate

QM Team


Quality and Patient Safety Directorate is committed to realise the vision and support the mission of RCIH by ensuring an environment of quality and care that promotes patient and staff safety practices, as well as a culture of continuous quality improvement to fulfill and exceed the ambitions of the RCIH clients.


To provide an exemplary performance and to be recognised for excellence within the RCIH by meeting the target of paralleling our highest quality and ethical standards with that of providing the best level of customer service to our patients and staff.


Our staff draws strength from the RCIH values, RCIH places great emphasis on building trust as an inherent value through the following domains:

  • Patient FIRST values: Focus, Integrity, Respect, Safety and Teamwork.

  • Staff: Leadership, stewardship, fairness and teamwork.

  • Internal Processes: Holistic paradigm, quality and excellence.


  • Monitors compliance with national and international standards.

  • Ensure the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) and Arab Tool for accreditation standards are maintained.

Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA)

JCI Accreditation is a variety of initiatives designed to respond to a growing demand around the world for standards based evaluation in health care. The purpose is to offer the international community standards based, objective processes for evaluating health care organisations. The goal of the program is to stimulate demonstration of continuous, sustained improvement in health care organisations by applying international consensus standards, international patient safety goals, and data measurement support

The mission of Joint Commission International (JCI) is to improve the safety and quality of care in the international community through the provision of education, publications, consultation, and evaluation services.