Your Health Care Team

Your health care team are trained and certified under international approved programs and standards. They are carefully selected to meet the needs of our clients. They also participate in ongoing in-service training programs and updates on current/newest technologies and skills. Our multi language speaking staff are available during days, evenings, and weekends.


While you receive treatment at the Royal Care International Hospital, you are likely to have a team of doctors involved in your care. A senior doctor, called the Most Responsible Physician (MRP) will supervise your treatment and determine when you are ready to be discharged. The team of physicians caring for you may include specialists. This team will determine the tests necessary to diagnose your condition and prescribe the medication you need.


Registered nurses are a critical link between you and other members of your healthcare team. They help communicate to your needs to your care providers and explain important information so that you understand your treatment and participate in your recovery. Nurses administer medications, plan your daily care and perform treatment.  They also provide education about your medical condition and how to continue treatment after your hospital discharge. They oversee a team of patient care assistants who are responsible for maintaining your personal hygiene, assisting with meals, and helping in other ways to make sure that you’re comfortable during your stay.


Pharmacists are experts who work with doctors and nurses to ensure that patients get the full benefits of available medications. Although you might not meet your hospital pharmacist, they’re important and active members of the team. In addition to preparing medications using the latest technology, they also monitor the therapy for effectiveness and ways to avoid side effects, allergies, medication errors, and possible interactions with drugs.

Social Services Department

The social worker can help you plan for discharge, identify sources of financial assistance, refer you to community resources, provide counseling related to your illness, and arrange for appropriate care after you are discharged from the hospital. If you require assistance, ask your doctor to request a social worker to visit you.

Clinical Dietitians

The hospital’s team of registered dietitians works closely with your doctors, nurses, food services, and other members of the healthcare team to provide you with the customized nutritional care and the education you need. Through a selective menu made available by the food services department, the registered dietitians and diet technicians will work with you to accommodate your specific needs. From time to time, your physician may change your diet, then your previous diet will be cancelled and the new diet will be substituted. The delivery of food will occur at fixed timings for the main meals and is intended for patient consumption only in the regular rooms. A 24-hours room service is available for your convenience and your guests’ needs. Staying on course with your selected diet is of high importance to your recovery, and as such you are kindly advised to limit yourself to a hospital provided meals with no intervention from outside resources unless approved by your physician.