Emergency Department(operates 24 hours,7days a week)

RCIH Emergency Services are fully operational 24 hours a day,7 days a week. A multi disciplinary team of Western Board Certified Consultants and Emergency Medicine Specialists that are highly skilled and experienced are available and have the last medical technology, available. The Emergency Department is conveniently located on the ground floor of the hospital.

We care for all patients, of all age groups who present with:

  • Acute trauma, minor & major, (instituting The American Advanced Trauma Life Support guidelines).
  • All cardiovascular & Respiratory Emergencies following the advanced cardiac life support and American Heart Association guidelines
  • All pediatric acute presentations, also following The Advanced Pediatric Life Support Guidelines
  • Woman of childbearing age with acute presentation of obstetrical or gynecological problems
  • All patients with acute surgical “Non-Trauma presentations.

We are committed to provide high quality care for minor procedures such as incision & drainages of abscesses, removal of foreign bodies, suturing of wounds, casting and application of backslaps for fractures and dislocation etc.  All these may be done under local anesthesia with the introduction of the newest conscious sedation concept of procedures.

Overall we are committed to provide state - of - the - art emergency medicine that entails resuscitation, stabilization and disposition of all acute presentations.

RCIH has on ambulance facility and intensive monitoring care, triage, and resuscitation rooms.

The Emergency Room is:

  • Designed to receive all emergency cases including trauma and critical cases.
  • Divided into two sections, one for trauma and critical cases and the other for regular cases.
  • For pediatric emergencies.

Facilities available include:

  • Consultant and Specialist ER Staff.
  • Paramedics and Registered Nurse Specialists.
  • Laboratory Services and radiology annexed to the ER.
  • Full operating theatre services.
  • Full monitoring systems, oxygen system, defibrillators, highly sophisticated beds.
  • Full infection control procedures .
  • Portable, X-Ray machine.
  • ATLS & ACLS adopted, Code Blue, Code Red, Code Green and Trauma Codes.
  • Ambulance Services with ICU facilities.