Gastroenterology and Hepatology Center

  • Upper and lower endoscopic procedures are performed including Variceal Banding, ERCP and Polipectiomies.
  • Endoscopy procedures by specialzed endoscopists 
  • Upper GI endoscopy including oesophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy 
  • ERCP and lithotripsy 
  • Stone retrieval through basketing 
  • Intestinal biopsies 
  • Colonoscopies (diagnostic & therapeutic )
  • Liver Fibrascan for diagnosis of cirrohsis 
  • Endintestinal capsule

Endoscopy Department

RCIH has a specialized state of the art facility designed to provide a comfortable setting under the care of leading doctors and nurses Endoscopy from Sudan and other countries around the world. This combined with the latest medical technology, ensures the highest standards of treatment are offered.

Transplant Surgery

A transplant unit, which will start with Renal Transplant, to be followed by Liver Transplant, is being established.