Microbiology & Serology Laboratory

We are committed to providing the utmost in quality laboratory services through unequaled, outstanding customer care exceeding the expectations of our patients and clients.

Specialized Allergy Testing Laboratory

Are you confused what food is causing your allergy? 

Our UNICAP analyser has the accurate answer!

  • Optimized for allergy testing
  • Precision, accuracy and consistency
  • World-leading ImmunoCAP technology providing accurate and reproducible test results.
  • True quantitative measurements.
  • Large panel of standardized high-quality allergens.
  • Fast and automated
  • Single integrated unit
  • Up to 48 different determinations in less than three hours.

Mr. Spot SSO

The HISTO SPOT SSO assay, in combination with the Mr. SPOT processor, represents the most automated typing system for low to medium resolution HLA typing on the market.

  • Three hours from sample to result for a single type.
  • Up to 96 tests per run.

Immunology & Molecular Biology Laboratory

We offer Accurate and reliable clinical laboratory testing

The CyFlow®ML system architecture is designed for today and the future

Histocompatibility Laboratory

We are the only one offering full histocompatibility testing with the most advance HLA typing technology and according to the international roles and policies in Sudan

Hormone Laboratory

Cobas e 411 analyzer

Get your result in 18 minutes.

Coagulation Laboratory

Thrombolyzer XRC

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