Renal and Urology Center

Renal and Urology Center offers a center of excellence with all the professionals needed to conduct a full renal care program. Our renal dialysis unit, which functions 24 hours a day, is supervised by nephrologists.

Other services includeTissue typing and renal transplant services. ESWL procedures for renal stone lithotripsy.

All endoscopic and laparoscopic renal and bladder procedures are performed.


  • Early detection of Renal Diseases
  • Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Treatment of Acute Renal Disease
  • Treatment of Chronic Renal Dialysis
  • Peritneal Dialysis – Continuous Ambulatory Peritonial Dialysis and Automated Peritonial Dialysis
  • Hemodialysis (Dialysis Unit)


  • Lithotripsy
  • Uro-dynemic